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Poole Radio Yacht Club enjoys an active membership covering a wide variety of sailing classes and scale model boats. Here are a some of the classes sailed.


These boats are probably the fastest class of yacht raced in model yachting. Typically they carry around 1 sq m of sail, which is about the same as the average “A” boat but they are only a fraction of the weight.

In recent years it has not always proved possible to sail these boats on our lake as the water levels have been too low – this is the reason for holding the Canada Cup at Guildford. However discussions with the Council would seem to have resulted in the water levels being higher in recent times and we are hopeful that this trend will continue.


A-Class yachts are enjoying a new lease of life in the south and particularly here at Poole Radio Yacht Club where we have a large number of members with A boats who enjoy regular race days on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

A competitive fleet of A-Class yachts take part in the PRACC Series throughout the year. The series was started in 2001 with the RIDER CUP being donated to the club by Linda Munro in memory of her father who had been a keen Radio A skipper.

Initially 5 separate venues were found across the country and 30 skippers took part throughout the year each counting the best 3 results toward the series. The format proved popular and successful to such an extent that 10 clubs around the UK now hold PRACC events.

Boats in this ISAF RSD international ‘open’ class are not limited in length, but are controlled by a formula which demands a balance between waterline length, displacement and sail area. Sails get smaller as displacement reduces and as waterline length increases. The formula was devised in 1922 by the editor of the Yachting Monthly as a testing ground for later use in the full sized 5.5 Metre class rule. Although boats are of a heavy ‘type’ there is more flexibility to create lighter ‘models’. Nevertheless they are big boats and a fleet of radio ‘A’ boats are an impressive and awesome sight! Boats are typically 2 metres long, weigh between 14 and 25kg, carry about one square metre of sail and enjoy a long competitive life. For more information visit the Model Yacht Association via our "Links" page.

International One Metre YachtsInternational One Metre Class

These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. This is the most popular of the four international classes and is sailed at most MYA clubs. The class rule is ‘closed’ and many aspects of design, materials and construction are restricted in an attempt to promote close competition. However the rule is designed to allow the DIY enthusiast some freedom to construct an inexpensive and competitive boat. The important speed related criteria of length, draught, displacement and sail plan are limited to a maximum of 1000mm, 420mm, 4kg and 3 prescribed rigs.

We have a popular IOM yacht class in the club thanks to the commitment of some dedicated IOM skippers. Keep an eye on the 2011 Calendar of Events page for club one metre events coming up.

Laser Class

RC Laser, is a one make no modifications class and is available as a “ready to sail package”, it is hugely popular throughout the uk and is our most popular class sailed at the club. We race throughout the year on a Saturday from 10.30am and through the summer months on a Tuesday evening too from 6.30pm. There are over 40 registered Lasers in the club and over a third of those race on a regular basis. The Laser Class Association organises a series of events including a national championship each year.


The Scale Section of our Club caters for modelers who like to build replicas of real ships and to see them working in a realistic manner with plenty of room to manoeuver. We have an excellent sailing water with all round access and convenient parking.

We have over thirty members in the scale section. Interests include the Nelson period as well as modern warships, Pilot Cutters, Schooners, Thames Barges, Tugs and Vintage Yachts and we are fortunate to have a small workshop area within the club house.

Meeting Times: All day on Wednesdays (most activity from 2pm) & Thursday Evenings are allocated to Scale Sail. In addition we have 5 Sundays for Scale events and Scale Competition later in the year.