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Canteen News Posted 08.04.11

Just a note to say that Patsy and Sheila are still doing coffee, tea, and cakes at the boat club on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 10.30 and 12 noon. We look forward to seeing anyone who wishes to join us.

Scale News. Posted 04.04.11

The SWAMBC. News magazine ‘Nautical News’ issue No 63 is hanging in the clubhouse for all to see and read. You can also view it on line at

Copies of the SWAMBC 2011 handbook are also available at a mere 1.50.

For your information, our club secretary in his ‘Latest News’ item mentions using the lagoon by the parks southern gate. We did successfully use this last year, however a group calling them selves ‘The West Hampshire Modellers’ have occupied this site from early morning for the last couple of Sundays. (Public Lake)

Scale Secretary 04/04/11

A Laser result (at last!) Posted 03.04.11

See 'Race Results' or click here to view the race report

Progress indeed. Posted 03.04.11

Yesterday (Saturday 3rd Apr) we sailed Lasers at Longham. Our negotiations with Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (SBW) achieved a successful outcome last Wednesday. We have negotiated a three year agreement with them which will provide us with the backup to Poole Park that we require. It seemed a good idea to do a test run as our home water is sadly weeded up to a degree that race sailing is already difficult. Ten of us assembled and with a fresh south westerly breeze we set sail. Launching from the slipway requires a willing hand wearing waders. Trimming boats between races was quite difficult but there are moves afoot to provide, in our area, a pontoon connected to the shore by a land bridge. A supply of fresh batteries is a good idea since it’s a long walk if your boat goes wandering off.

As a start then, we will sail IOM’s on Tuesday mornings and Lasers on Saturday mornings at Longham. If this is successful we may be able to increase our weekly visits to match our needs. SBW wants a programme in order to for us to integrate with the other groups that are hoping to use the reservoir. However with a sailing water of that size we see no problem with asking for an increase in our use if necessary.

Meanwhile, at Poole, the Scale section will no doubt be able to make use of the patches of clear water that still exist, together with the lagoon to the north of the Clubhouse. At Longham we have a qualified agreement to the use of electric scale providing that there is little or no leakage from propshaft bearings. They are naturally very conscious of water pollution!

As before, a Club ‘Responsible Officer’ is required to be present at all times to allow access and see that the rules of the Water Company are observed. Their details will be posted in the Poole boathouse and their number may increase as our usage of the water increases.

Notwithstanding all this we have cause to hope that the Council’s efforts, together with our own, will see us racing on our home water very soon.

Roy Cane.

PRACC Event Cancelled! Posted 03.04.11

Due to the recurrence of weed in our lake we have decided to postpone the PRACC event due to take place 22nd May. We will hopefully move it to the end of the year until we are either weed free in Poole Park or hold it on the lake at Longham once we have made ourselves more familiar with the sailing and with the practicalities of this new venue. We will keep all informed of the progress and new arrangements for this event.

David Munro

Spektrum DX6i 2.4ghz Radio Set For Sale. Posted 28.03.11

I thought I might see if the following radio set would be of interest to any of you before listing for sale elsewhere. Ideal for radio controlled sailing, this set removes the need for frequency crystals. It comes 'as new' with a 'full range' receiver and is boxed with instructions and benefits from the convenience of using 'AA' batteries rather than having to remember to charge before use. For more details on the system follow this link to Spektrum I'm asking 75 (rrp 129.00) and if interested you can contact me on 07966 572121

Here we are again at the start of the season. Posted 27.03.11

Winter maintenance on the Boathouse is now complete. You’re welcome to bring your boats back if you’ve paid your berthing fee as the floor has now been painted. Many thanks to those who gave of their time so that all of us can enjoy a clean and tidy environment. Many thanks also to all those members who have rejoined us for the coming season.

The Council have maintained the lake edge and the catwalk. That is now complete. Their intention is to fill the lake now. The barley straw contractor will then complete the positioning of the remaining bales. I had discussions with the Council on their positioning and three were scheduled to be in our area. It now transpires that all three will be on the other side of the catwalk. They have also added blue dye to the existing water in the belief that it will inhibit the growth of the Tassel Weed.

Notwithstanding all that we have another string to our bow. It has been agreed by Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (ex Bournemouth and West Hants Water) that PRYC will have access to Longham Lake for sailing purposes. It will be some time before the rules of use become evident. There are several ‘admin’ issues to tie up not least of which is the cost to us. We will have to sign a formal agreement. The target date for us to start sailing is 1st April. We have to hope that the issue of cost does not become significant. At the outset we will agree the times of use and a Responsible Officer, known to the Warden, Mr Ian Hayward, must be present at all times. I cannot stress enough that members will not be able to turn up to use the facility on an ad hoc basis.

The spare rescue boat has already been sited there and a set of sailing marks established. The Responsible Officers will be designated and will have keys to open the gates and to enable the use of the rescue boat. Toilet facilities are available on site. The car park can only be used by Clubs authorised by Sembcorp Bournemouth Water. It is not for use by members of the public More news as the negotiations progress.

I’ve not been idle and am converting my Fairey Huntsman to a brushless motor and lipo batteries. I know that some of the scale boys are inclined to run away when I bring my air boat out, but this time I promise it will be different. Nevertheless, be afraid lads - be very afraid!

We have a prospective member who needs some space to complete his present project. He’s making a 27 ft model of HMS Hood in three 9 ft sections (I kid you not - I’ve seen the photographs). If you know of such a space (large garage size) that he could rent, together with a power supply please ring Martin on 07799 196797.

Roy Cane

Newsletter. Posted 27.03.11

Calendar Update & Laser Racing Underway Posted 26.02.11

Laser racing got underway following the winter lay off. Results here.

There has been a date change in the programme. We have had to insert another line to show that PRACC 1 is now on 20th Mar at Hampton Court.

Sorting out the weedy ones. Posted 16.02.11

A guy came into the Club recently and returned two silver cups belonging to the Poole Model Yacht Club that he’d found in his father’s attic. The first was awarded from 1906 onward and the second from 1925. Just think about that. This Club has been functioning for at least 105 years with breaks for the two world wars. There are stories that it was formed in the late 1800’s on the other side of the lake. That’s some record for continuity isn’t it?

That being so we don’t want it to falter now, do we? As you know, we’re in a bit of trouble with the weedy stuff. Things are moving on apace. Peter and Ray have designed and built a trial roller that we’re going to pull across the lake in order to bruise the emerging weed; for emerge it will, believe you me! Having done experiments they believe that it will work the better pulled by human hand rather than the boat.

The Committee have already sanctioned expenditure on phase two - a larger motorised version - but that’s for the future.

Now try and guess what I’m going to ask. That’s right! We need some help in the manual pulling department. If any Club member would like to render some assistance just give me a ring on 01202 632869 and I can contact you when we fix a date. The more the merrier because we can swap about to lessen the load.

Roy Cane

ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!! posted 11.02.11

May I remind members who have not yet paid, that the annual subscription was due on the 1st January 2011. The subscription remains at 25 and the berthing fee (if applicable) at 10. I am generally at the club on Tuesday or Friday mornings between about 10.30 and 12.00, alternatively payments can be sent to me by post.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we get a better years sailing this year.

Sheila Clark, Honorary Treasurer.

Canteen News posted 11.02.11

The ladies of the canteen would like to tell all members that we still do coffee, tea and cakes every Tuesday and Friday between 10.30 and 12.00, even when there is no water the lake. Please come along for a chat and a catch up on what’s going on at the club.

We are currently planning our social events for the year. First up is the skittles evening on Thursday 28th April 2011. We will also be having a B.B.Q. and a fun day with buffet. Dates to be confirmed.

If you have any other ideas for social events please let us know

Patsy and Sheila.

News Update. Posted 07.02.11

The lake has now been drained over two spring tides and is as low as it’s going to be. Our area is substantially clear. It can be seen that the Tassel weed has died back. Leisure Services have inspected the walls (judging by the wellie boot marks in the mud) and we await their decisions on remedial work, if any. An entire freshwater fill seems unlikely since rainfall will need to be above average from now until Easter. I have a meeting with them shortly to determine the position of the barley straw dispensers that will affect our area.

Given the above developments we are proceeding with our plans to thrash the Tassel weed when it starts to grow again. Ray Steele and Peter Wiles are experimenting with devices to be towed behind a boat that will bruise the emerging shoots. We are advised by our weed expert that this is the most likely way to discourage the stuff from growing.

In parallel, Bob Beckett has refurbished the anchors for the sailing marks, adding a further eight to be used at Longham. This has been at minimum cost to us. The marks themselves will not be purchased until we know that Longham is available. He is also going ahead with readying the rescue boats for use in both lakes.

Further storage has been provided in the boathouse (at very little expense in boat storage space) to clear the area around the measuring tank and John Trimmer has refurbished our outside seating once again.

Don’t forget the ‘Bring and Buy’ on Sunday morning 6th February. This is not confined to model stuff, anything goes, so come along and bring your cash. You never know what might catch your eye. Beverages and snacks will be available if you just fancy a chat and a cup of coffee. I’m turfing out all my radio FM bits and pieces and I’ve got some motors, speed controllers and a couple of models for sale.

Roy Cane

A Happy New Year to you all. Posted 03.01.11

Since I last wrote a news update some things have changed, not least of which is that we’ve got a new Commodore. Derek White signalled his intention to relinquish the post after long and faithful service and, at the AGM, has been elevated to President, a post not filled since the death of Len Thompson several years ago. Peter Wiles was elected in his stead and we wish him every success in his new position.

The next phase in the weed saga will start shortly - the lake is being drained and the Council will pursue its plans of a complete drain followed by a fresh water fill over the next few months. Barley straw dispensers are being installed to inhibit the growth of algae. This will not control the growth of tassel weed but blue dye will be introduced in February. My suggestion of a drain down in December which, this year, would have resulted in the bed of the lake being exposed to the severe frosts, was not taken up. Heigh ho! What do I know?

I wrote last time of my ambition to try my airboat on the ice. I’ve had my chance and what a spectacular performance it was. Repairs are now in hand! It was like this - having got the thing going at 20 mph, how do you stop it. Do you increase power to increase flow over the control surfaces and thus have a chance of turning it away from the bank or do you shut off the power hoping that in the next hundred yards or so it will come to rest. I’ll leave you to guess what I did! Have you noticed that every time I mention the word ‘spectacular’ I have to use the word ‘repairs’ in the next sentence?

The 2011 programme is now available and contains all the old favourites as well as some new ones. We have chosen to ignore potential weed problems and assume that the alternative venue at Longham will come on stream and provide backup in times of emergency. Four days have been designated anyway and, if given final permission, we will maintain on site a set of marks together with a boat and oars. Final permission will not be obtained until sometime in February when the Bournemouth and West Hants Water Company holds its meeting.

I have just come away from the last sailing event for a while - a Laser one-off. A very sad occasion as the lake is being drained shortly and all we’ll have is the land yachts - for those who have one. Guess who that might be!

Club maintenance continues, the loft is being increased in size to accommodate more storage and shelves are being erected local to the rescue boat to make better use of space. After which the new rescue boat will be made ready for use and some fittings stripped from the old boat ready for its use at Longham. Finally the worn floor will be repainted in a lighter grey to restore the reflectivity and increase light in the boathouse.

The land yachts see their first racing event on Tuesday 18th January at 2 o’clock. Even though the Barfleur is being returned to service at the end of February we have been advised that one or other of the car parks will still be available to us.

Things are never as bad as they seem and we can only hope that this coming year will give us all we want from our hobby. Onward and Upward!

Roy Cane

2010 Sailing Competition Results Posted 03.01.11

A summary of winners and runners up in the sailing competitions held throughout 2010 can be found here

2011 Events Now Available Posted 02.01.2011

The PRYC Calendar of Events is now availbale to view here

Happy New Year Posted 01.01.2011

The Committee would like to wish all members a Happy New Year.