Classic One Metre Class

Everything Classic IOM

On Friday, 12th April 2019 our new fleet was launched.  

The aims of the new fleet were simple:-

*  To provide an environment where older boats could sail against others of similar vintage and  thus be able to do well in the results without alwaysand depressingly being beaten by more modern hulls. 

*  To allow newcomers to our sport the opportunity to experience the world wide wonder of the International One Metre class of yachts, and compete in races for a reasonable outlay and without disrupting the highly competitive nature of our main IOM fleet.

*  To provide a 'training ground' for people who wish to start in a small way and then aspire to good results with more modern hulls.
*  To have fun doing it in any weather!

We have some designs that are around twenty years old, including a TS2 and a 3-Dogs.  There are also a couple of Red Wines, as Assagai, a Box kite.  Two of us had planned to build Chardonnays this year but other projects got in the way.  Shame that we could not have a choice of wine other than RED!

Refurbishing an older IOM is very rewarding and provides a way to practice techniques that are not needed when a boat is acquired new for what can be a large amount of money.


Peter Lewin

Classic IOM Class Captain

A word from the Class Captain

End of Year Wrap from Peter

A year that had everything even if most of it wasn’t requested! The classics have continued to flourish with most sessions being full - to whatever restrictions are in force at the time. There was no enthusiasm to move to Longham on the few days we had no water. So Friday afternoon at Poole is the preferred choice.

Adapting one’s helming style to suit these older and often beamier boats takes a bit of time but once sorted out the speed differential between the different designs is not that great and finishing places tend to be down to the helms ability rather than boat type.


On the water coaching has benefitted those who have given it a try and tuning advice is always plentiful. Some helms are now onto their 2nd design which is not surprising, with second hand boats selling from £200 upwards, and with a great variety of different designs available. The sessions are always great fun and it’s an economical way into racing an IOM.


If you are thinking of joining us and would like advice on eligible boats please give me a ring.

Peter Lewin

Message from Peter Lewin - Sailing Secretary - 28th October 2020

A reminder to all helms:-

All classes in the club use the current Racing Rules of Sailing and Appendix E of those rules to govern their activities.

Only two club classes, the Lasers (from their international rules) and 8M (a Local class with its own local rules) have any variations to these rules.

 Hence the IOM, DF65 and Classics adhere to all of the applicable rules and appendices.
This includes rule 31 Touching a Mark – Whilst racing a boat shall not touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing.

The fact that at present helms are restricted to a helming area does not vary the rule.  Many events up to European and International level stipulate a control area for competitors.  Competitors shall be in this area when controlling boats that are racing, except briefly to handle and then release or relaunch the boat. E3.1


 If any of the above are relevant to you please keep the committee informed of all developments both positive and negative. 

Please remember that we are trying to protect our members who almost exclusively fit in the “At Risk Group” due to age alone if not a myriad of underlying health conditions. You may feel that you can “Weather the Storm” so nothing to worry about, but others are far more vulnerable. 

Part of this protection is that all 6 people attending a club racing session must make sure that they or the safety officer has them “signed in” (please print clearly) and a contact phone number, preferably mobile, left. We can be asked to produce this track and trace information in the event of a suspected outbreak. 

Lake Flushing Programme - 6th August 2020

The Lake will be flushed on the following occasions:

20th August sluice open at 23.12 Sluice closed 21st August 11.44

This may affect sailing of IOM’s the Friday Morning. Classics should be

ok in the afternoon.

20th September sluice open at 16.17 Sluice closed 21st September 12.40

This may affect sailing of 8m’s on the Monday Morning depending on

how quickly the lake fills.

30th October sluice opens at 19.51 Sluice closed 31st October 8.12

Should not affect sailing.

29th November sluice opens at 22.09 Sluice closed 30th November 8.11

Should not affect sailing.

28th December sluice opens at 19.48 Sluice closed 29th December 7.19

Classic International One Metres

This class was established in 2019 to give members a chance to race IOM yachts that were no longer wholly competitive in the main fleet. As a development class there are always new designs being produced as they strive to go faster across a wider range of wind speeds and water conditions. This leaves a lot of early models lingering in sheds and boat sheds and this fleet gives a chance to put them to good use. Prices are considerably lower than for the latest models with £250 buying a fully usable boat. The definition of a classic is difficult to put down but was started as nothing more recent in design than and including, a Lintel as it seemed that this was a bit of a turning point in IOM design. Prior to this hull shapes tended to be broader and with less rocker which made them less capable in either light winds or heavy winds with increased waves. The fleet races on a Friday afternoons with turnouts of up to 10 boats but with room for more. Boats do not need a current certficate but will be ‘check’ measured if something seems amiss. The idea is to get people involved with minimal expense, learn how set up and tune these lovely boats before perhaps progressing to the more competitive and up to date fleet. Training sessions, and on the water coaching is available with the friendly fleet always willing to help out newcomers, whether it be radio problems, uncertainty about the rules or how long to the next refreshment break. Racing is to the normal Racing Rules of Sailing in force at the time, those who hit a race mark or another boat (when they do not have a right of way) will be expected to do an appropriate penalty turn but the fleet fosters the idea that it is quicker and more polite to proceed around the course without collisions. P.S. You can also race with the main IOM fleet if your boat has a current certficate.