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Poole Radio Yacht Club has always tried to be at the vanguard of innovation and trends within the sport of model yacht racing.

The club has recognised the phenomenal growth of the Dragon Force 65 throughout the world and is keen to provide the opportunity to sail these yachts to both existing and new members and newcomers to our sport.

The Dragon Force 65 (DF 65) is smaller, lighter and more easily managed than other classes, making it idea to transport and launch.



John Hansen

Class Captain 

Dragon Force 65 

Update 10th June 2021  - Sails & Starting


Now that racing is open to a maximum of 30 boats, we are beginning to have some bumper turnouts, with some close racing throughout the fleet. One of the issues that has come to light due to the increased number of competitors, is that it can be difficult to read sail numbers, both at the start/finish and when calling collisions as race officer or observer. Can I please remind you that sail numbers are controlled by the class rules and are required to be displayed on both the main and the jib; and need to be in a strong contrasting colour to the sail. Black numbers on a white sail are the easiest to spot and it would be most helpful if you could consider adopting this on future sail changes. Of course, our local rules require the use of the A and B rigs produced by Joysway and the positioning of the numbers is governed by the class rules.  





If you look at Tuesday’s race results, you will see that they are preceded by a write up by our Sailing Secretary covering “barging” at the start. I would encourage you to read this, even if you were not sailing on Tuesday, as a reminder of how the rules work at the start. 

Coming to a Lake near you - The Dragon Force 65 Story

Dragon Force 65

This is new class. 

The decision was made that the club needed to attract new members of a less senior nature than at present. i.e. of working age.  The DF65 is a low cost (£250 including radio) highly attractive boat that requires minimal skills and time to prepare for the water.  To keep the cost down and make sure it is true one design it was also decided that initially only two sets of sails, the A and B rigs, would be used for club racing and the sails would be limited to those produced by the manufacturer Joysway. 

The DF65 has enjoyed huge success since 2020 despite the challenges of the Pandemic, as we keenly await the start of the post lockdown 2021 season the fleet numbers 32 boats with a number of interested parties about to join.

The Club is privileged to have been asked to host the 2021 National Championship in Poole over the weekend of 3/4th September


As we are trying to attract people who may be working sailing will take place on Tuesday Evenings, in the Summer, and Saturday afternoons all year.  

As usual with our friendly club newcomers will be welcomed and a wealth of experience and advice is readily available to them. 


These boats have sold in enormous numbers both in the UK and worldwide so competition is available at Local, District, National, European and International levels.