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Poole Radio Yacht Club has always tried to be at the vanguard of innovation and trends within the sport of model yacht racing.

The club has recognised the phenomenal growth of the Dragon Force 65 throughout the world and is keen to provide the opportunity to sail these yachts to both existing and new members and newcomers to our sport.

The Dragon Force 65 (DF 65) is smaller, lighter and more easily managed than other classes, making it idea to transport and launch.



Mike Ivens

Class Captain 

Dragon Force 65 


Phil Legg 

Vice Captain 

Dragon Force 65 

Rig Changes 10/09/2021

As from the start of both the 2021 Tuesday Afternoon and Saturday Autumn Series, the club rules will change to allow Competitors to use all 4 rigs with sails from any manufacturer in compliance with the Dragon Force 65 class rules (link below on this page).

Detailed explanation from John Hansen:

When PRYC adopted the DF65 class, it was initially decided to restrict the class to the use of two of the four rigs and just one sailmaker, in order to provide a low cost introduction to the sport. Now that the class has become established and also as a result of the National Championships being held at the club, the decision has been made to adopt the class rules in full and to allow a choice of all four rigs and any sailmaker. This decision has been met with overwhelming support from our class members and will undoubtedly improve the quality of racing at the club in a wider range of conditions, as well as benefitting those of our members who may wish to travel to open meetings or championships in the future.

Congratulations to Trevor Annels

Winner of the IMSM Trophy for the first home club skipper at the 2021 UK Dragon Force National Championship




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