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Poole Radio Yacht Club has always tried to be at the vanguard of innovation and trends within the sport of model yacht racing.

The club has recognised the phenomenal growth of the Dragon Force 65 throughout the world and is keen to provide the opportunity to sail these yachts to both existing and new members and becomes to our sport.

The Dragon Force 65 (DF 65) is smaller, lighter and more easily managed than other classes, making it idea to transport and launch.

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Peter Lewin

Class Captain 

Dragon Force 65 

Message from Peter Lewin - Sailing Secretary - 28th October 2020

A reminder to all helms:-

All classes in the club use the current Racing Rules of Sailing and Appendix E of those rules to govern their activities.

Only two club classes, the Lasers (from their international rules) and 8M (a Local class with its own local rules) have any variations to these rules.

 Hence the IOM, DF65 and Classics adhere to all of the applicable rules and appendices.
This includes rule 31 Touching a Mark – Whilst racing a boat shall not touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing.

The fact that at present helms are restricted to a helming area does not vary the rule.  Many events up to European and International level stipulate a control area for competitors.  Competitors shall be in this area when controlling boats that are racing, except briefly to handle and then release or relaunch the boat. E3.1

Covid-19 Keeping us informed - 21st September 2020

As you may have heard one of our members has gone into self isolation whilst awaiting a relative’s test result for Covid-19. Hopefully this will be negative but we will keep you informed of developments. 

This and the recent guidance released from the MYA means that we have to have a document in place which guides us through a procedure if this occurs again. 

If a member feels unwell he should keep away from club activities. 

It is imperative, as happened in this case, that the club is informed and until tests have shown there is no need for concern those involved do not come down to the club. 

 If a club member has been in contact with someone showing symptoms they should be in self isolation for 14 days and be tested if they develop any symptoms. 

If a club member has symptoms he should immediately inform one of the committee so that we can alert other members who may have had very recent contact with that person. 

 If any of the above are relevant to you please keep the committee informed of all developments both positive and negative. 

Please remember that we are trying to protect our members who almost exclusively fit in the “At Risk Group” due to age alone if not a myriad of underlying health conditions. You may feel that you can “Weather the Storm” so nothing to worry about, but others are far more vulnerable. 

Part of this protection is that all 6 people attending a club racing session must make sure that they or the safety officer has them “signed in” (please print clearly) and a contact phone number, preferably mobile, left. We can be asked to produce this track and trace information in the event of a suspected outbreak. 

Racing Updates 

DF65 15/09/2020 

A nice warm afternoon with a wind hovering between the A and B rigs, but everyone hung onto the B to help them thro the chop and the clam patches. 1st session with safety officer also sailing not as easy as having a separate race officer but made up for by having six boats on the line. 


Racing - 2020 Autumn Series

The Dragon Force 65 will start to race with the Autumn Series(s):

Saturday Afternoons   05/09/2020 - 19/12/2020

Tuesday Afternoons    15/09/2020 - 22/12/2020

The Evening Social Sailing will end with the last event on 09/09/2020

The remaining events are not part of the Autumn Series

Please check out the Members Section for more info

Please check out the results page as the Racing starts

Socially Distanced Social Sailing Programme - 12th July 2020

Members please see Safety Officer and Participants List on Members Page

See also detailed Participants Instructions and important safety instructions

Thank you!

Time to go Sailing Again - 12th July 2020

Or more accurately for our new DF65 Fleet - Time to go sailing for the very first time!

After much discussion, waiting for a courier van, unpacking boxes and boat assembly the time has come to wet the Dragon's head and a socially distance meet old and new members in the new PRYC DF65 fleet.

Everything is new, boats, people, proceedures and its going to take a little bit of getting used to but its going to be fun and all boats are identical so we are all quite literally in (or very near) the same boat.

For those about to acquire new boats:

Please remember the Club Class Rules, only Joysways sails and only A & B Rigs allowed

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Coming to a Lake near you - The Dragon Force 65 Story

A few words from Club Secretary David Munro - 12th July 2020

"We decided to introduce the Dragon Force 65 as a class of racing yacht new to the club at the beginning of the year. 


At that time we were preparing ourselves to take part in the Poole Maritime Festival which was being Co-ordinated by BCP Council.


Unfortunately, as with all things, the Covid 19 virus stepped in and the Festival was no more. Our thoughts were that it would a good idea to promote an affordable class of boat that would encourage new members into the club and into the sport of radio sailing.


The DF65 fulfills this brief brilliantly, it sails extremely well and is very competitively priced - where else can you get a racing yacht complete with radio, ready to go for less than £250? It is also readily available by return of post.


The DF65 was initially produced about 3 years ago and since then has sold over 20,000 world-wide. Rather than me going into more detail I would recommend that you visit the Radio Sailing website and search for the "DF Story" where you will find an excellent article by Mike Tushingham, one of the 3 people who was incidental in creating the boat and in which he charts the story behind the DF65 from concept to the present day. 


We have currently got about 10 boats in the club and initially we intend to sail the DF65 on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Hopefully, as the lock down rules are further relaxed we will be able to return to more normal racing and properly welcome the new class to the club programme."


Dragon Force 65

This is new class to the club which as yet, due to the pandemic, has not yet raced.  The decision was made that the club needed to attract new members of a less senior nature than at present. i.e. of working age.  The DF65 is a low cost (£250 including radio) highly attractive boat that requires minimal skills and time to prepare for the water.  To keep the cost down and make sure it is true one design it was also decided that initially only two sets of sails, the A and B rigs, would be used for club racing and the sails would be limited to those produced by the manufacturer Joysway. 

Some club members have already pledged to support the fledgling fleet and at least 8 boats have been purchased.  As we are trying to attract people who may be working sailing will take place on Wednesday evenings, in the Summer, and Saturday afternoons all year.   Remembering that this is a new fleet, everything is fluid at present and I am sure changes will occur as time passes. 


As usual with our friendly club newcomers will be welcomed and a wealth of experience and advice is readily available to them. 


These boats have sold in enormous numbers both in the UK and worldwide so competition is available at Local, District, National, European and International levels.

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