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These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. 

This is the most popular of the four 

international classes and are sailed at most MYA clubs. 

The class rule is closed and many aspects of design, materials, rigs, sails and construction are restricted in an attempt to promote close competition.

 We have a strong IOM yacht class in the Club with fleets in excess of 10 boats racing regularly.

Message from Peter Lewin - Sailing Secretary - 28th October 2020

A reminder to all helms:-

All classes in the club use the current Racing Rules of Sailing and Appendix E of those rules to govern their activities.

Only two club classes, the Lasers (from their international rules) and 8M (a Local class with its own local rules) have any variations to these rules.

 Hence the IOM, DF65 and Classics adhere to all of the applicable rules and appendices.
This includes rule 31 Touching a Mark – Whilst racing a boat shall not touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing.

The fact that at present helms are restricted to a helming area does not vary the rule.  Many events up to European and International level stipulate a control area for competitors.  Competitors shall be in this area when controlling boats that are racing, except briefly to handle and then release or relaunch the boat. E3.1


Covid-19 Keeping us informed - 21st September 2020

As you may have heard one of our members has gone into self isolation whilst awaiting a relative’s test result for Covid-19. Hopefully this will be negative but we will keep you informed of developments. 

This and the recent guidance released from the MYA means that we have to have a document in place which guides us through a procedure if this occurs again. 

If a member feels unwell he should keep away from club activities. 

It is imperative, as happened in this case, that the club is informed and until tests have shown there is no need for concern those involved do not come down to the club. 

 If a club member has been in contact with someone showing symptoms they should be in self isolation for 14 days and be tested if they develop any symptoms. 

If a club member has symptoms he should immediately inform one of the committee so that we can alert other members who may have had very recent contact with that person. 

 If any of the above are relevant to you please keep the committee informed of all developments both positive and negative. 

Please remember that we are trying to protect our members who almost exclusively fit in the “At Risk Group” due to age alone if not a myriad of underlying health conditions. You may feel that you can “Weather the Storm” so nothing to worry about, but others are far more vulnerable. 

Part of this protection is that all 6 people attending a club racing session must make sure that they or the safety officer has them “signed in” (please print clearly) and a contact phone number, preferably mobile, left. We can be asked to produce this track and trace information in the event of a suspected outbreak. 


Lake Flushing Programme - 6th August 2020

The Lake will be flushed on the following occasions:

20th August sluice open at 23.12 Sluice closed 21st August 11.44

This may affect sailing of IOM’s the Friday Morning. Classics should be

ok in the afternoon.

20th September sluice open at 16.17 Sluice closed 21st September 12.40

This may affect sailing of 8m’s on the Monday Morning depending on

how quickly the lake fills.

30th October sluice opens at 19.51 Sluice closed 31st October 8.12

Should not affect sailing.

29th November sluice opens at 22.09 Sluice closed 30th November 8.11

Should not affect sailing.

28th December sluice opens at 19.48 Sluice closed 29th December 7.19

Socially Distanced Social Sailing Programme - 12th July 2020

Members please see Safety Officer and Participants List on Members Page

See also detailed Participants Instructions and important safety instructions

Thank you!

Since its inception in the late 1980’s the International One Metre (IOM) has become the most popular RC racing yacht in the world and is raced in over 30 countries.

Sailed at most clubs on a regular basis it is now the class that creates the largest fleets, with regular fleets of 30 boats at regional level and a maximum entry at most international events. 

Major competitions include National, European and World championships. 

The class has enjoyed such success because competitive IOMs can be built by an amateur builder at home, and due to the class restrictions competitive boats remain competitive for a number of years. Competitive boats can be built for as little as £400 plus the addition of rigs. The number of rigs is limited to three with many sailmakers based in the UK.

If a sailor does not feel comfortable building their own boat there are many production boats that can be purchased giving a plug and play approach to the class. Equally second hand boats are always available giving a newcomer a less expensive but equally competitive way into the class.

The 3 rigs allow these high performance boats to sail in a large range of conditions with 2 – 40 knots offering equally enjoyable sailing. IOM’s are the best performing boats regularly sailed at the club and give great sail regardless of conditions.

The tight class rules ensure that the ability to tune the rigs and sailing technique ensure a winning combination with hull design offering only fractional differences in varying conditions.

The club sailors at PRYC are a helpful and friendly group willing to share techniques and tuning tips. PRYC IOM sailors meet 4 times per week in the summer and 3 times per week in the winter.

We are always keen to have new members so please come and have a try.

International One Metre Class - Background

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