International One Metre Class

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These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. 

This is the most popular of the four 

international classes and are sailed at most MYA clubs. 

The class rule is closed and many aspects of design, materials, rigs, sails and construction are restricted in an attempt to promote close competition.

 We have a strong IOM yacht class in the Club with fleets in excess of 10 boats racing regularly.

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International One Class - Background

Since its inception in the late 1980’s the International One Metre (IOM) has become the most popular RC racing yacht in the world and is raced in over 30 countries.

Sailed at most clubs on a regular basis it is now the class that creates the largest fleets, with regular fleets of 30 boats at regional level and a maximum entry at most international events. 

Major competitions include National, European and World championships. 

The class has enjoyed such success because competitive IOMs can be built by an amateur builder at home, and due to the class restrictions competitive boats remain competitive for a number of years. Competitive boats can be built for as little as £400 plus the addition of rigs. The number of rigs is limited to three with many sailmakers based in the UK.

If a sailor does not feel comfortable building their own boat there are many production boats that can be purchased giving a plug and play approach to the class. Equally second hand boats are always available giving a newcomer a less expensive but equally competitive way into the class.

The 3 rigs allow these high performance boats to sail in a large range of conditions with 2 – 40 knots offering equally enjoyable sailing. IOM’s are the best performing boats regularly sailed at the club and give great sail regardless of conditions.

The tight class rules ensure that the ability to tune the rigs and sailing technique ensure a winning combination with hull design offering only fractional differences in varying conditions.

The club sailors at PRYC are a helpful and friendly group willing to share techniques and tuning tips. PRYC IOM sailors meet 4 times per week in the summer and 3 times per week in the winter.

We are always keen to have new members so please come and have a try.