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Last Updated: 03/02/2021

3rd February 2021 - New Racing Rules Online Presentation

For those who might be interested Phil Coupe, who runs our regular Skype meetings on Friday mornings, has organised a talk/presentation to take place at 0955 on Friday 12th February.

Presentation, Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024

The Racing Rules of Sailing are updated on a 4 year cycle. The change is generally aligned to the Olympic cycle.

A new set of rules were published by World Sailing in December last year and these took effect from 1 Jan 2021 and run to the end of Dec 2024.

There are not many changes; however, there are some which have an impact on radio sailing.

To help us understand these further Greg Eaton has agreed to give us a presentation during the weekly Skype session on Friday 12 Feb. This should take around 30 -40 minutes.


Greg is an accomplished sailor. He regularly sails an IOM.

He is also a National Judge and International Umpire.”


This should prove interesting.  To join the meeting please visit the Members section of this website


2021 Planned Lake Draining Schedule

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