News from the Lake

Lake Flushing Programme - 6th August 2020

The Lake will be flushed on the following occasions:

20th August sluice open at 23.12 Sluice closed 21st August 11.44

This may affect sailing of IOM’s the Friday Morning. Classics should be

ok in the afternoon.

20th September sluice open at 16.17 Sluice closed 21st September 12.40

This may affect sailing of 8m’s on the Monday Morning depending on

how quickly the lake fills.

30th October sluice opens at 19.51 Sluice closed 31st October 8.12

Should not affect sailing.

29th November sluice opens at 22.09 Sluice closed 30th November 8.11

Should not affect sailing.

28th December sluice opens at 19.48 Sluice closed 29th December 7.19

Members Only Section - Access  - 30th July 2020

It appears that some members are facing challenges accessing the Members Section on this site:


1. You must be Registered as a member with this site

Simply complete your details on Registration Section then Log In 

2. If you are a member and have already registered, just hit the Log In Section

3. Never hit Sign In - "Sign In" is simply for those who have never visited the members section

This message is a precursor to an update for members on the Website Project

Return to Sailing- Back on the Lake

13th July 2020

Members of the Poole Radio Yacht Club 8 Metre Class enjoyed their experience of Socially Distanced Social Sailing today on the Lake.

5 Skippers under the strict control of a dedicated Safety Officer enjoyed a great morning of social sailing.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible!

The Skippers would like to thank the passers by for the many good wishes received

Socially Distanced Social Sailing


Socially Distanced Social Sailing


The Annual Racing Programme at Poole Radio Yacht Club remains suspended until further notice


However the Club is relieved to announce the return of limited sailing activities at the Club.


Socially Distanced Social Sailing will start from Monday 13th July with just 5 Skippers and a dedicated Safety Officer with strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

PRYC Members: Please refer to detailed safety instructions on the Members Page


Poole Radio Yacht Club has suspended all Club activities until further notice.


The Club looks forward to resuming activities when guidance from Central Government, Bournemouth Chistchurch  Poole Council and best practice allow that to happen.

Please stay safe!

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