2021 Events Programme

Series dates for 2021

These are subject to change as we do not know, as yet, when the lake will be empty and as always we could be subject to weed or further covid regs.


Lasers are scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday.

IOM for Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

8m for Monday and Thursday.

Classic IOM Friday afternoon 13.30 onwards.

DF 65 Spring/Summer Tuesday/ Nationals  Practice  Racing Friday evenings from 18:30, Autumn Tuesday and Saturday afternoons 13.30 onwards .

A Class Sunday afternoons.

Scale Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

Restart of sailing 2021

On the 17th May the limit of six outdoors should be lifted and from this point onwards and club sailing should be able to return to “normal” with up to 30 people present. Full use of the clubhouse will not be able to be re-established at this point due to limit of 6 indoors. It may be possible to resume refreshments under a gazebo outside but full use will have to wait until at least June 21st.

Spring Series

There will be a shortened series starting no earlier than 17th May.

Lake draining is booked for: 26/27 May & 23/24 June

Laser Wed 19th May  – Wed 30th  June   Laser Sat 22nd May – Sat 26th  June

8m Mon 17th May – Mon 28th  June    8m Thur 20th May – Thur 24th  June

IOM Tues 18th May – Tue 29th June, IOM Fri 21st May – Fri 25th June  IOM Sun 23rd May– Sun 27th  June

IOM Wednesday Evenings - 19th May - 30th June

DF65 Sat 22nd May – Sat 26th June Tue Eve 18th May – Tue 29th June

Classic IOM Afternoon  Fri  21st May – Fri 25th June 


Laser Wed 7th  July – Wed 29th  Sept   Laser Sat 3rd  July – Sat 25th  Sept

8m Mon 5th   July – Mon 27th   Sept     8m Thur 1st  July – Thur 30th  Sept 

IOM Tue 6th  July – Tue 28th  Sept  IOM  Fri 2nd  July – Fri 24thSept   IOM Sun 4th  July – Sun 26th Sept

IOM Wednesday Evenings - 7th July - 15th September

DF6 Sat 3rd July – Sat 25th Sept    Tue Eve 6th July – Tue 14th Sept

Classic IOM Afternoon  Fri 2nd July – Fri 24th  Sept 


Laser Wed  6th   Oct – Wed 29th Dec   Laser Sat 2nd  Oct – Sat 18th Dec

8m Thur 7th   Oct – Thur 30th  Dec   8m Mon 4th Oct – Mon 27th  Dec

IOM Tue 5th   Oct – Tue 28th  Dec   IOM  Fri 1st  Oct – Fri 31st  Dec   IOM Sun 3rd  Oct – Sun 19th  Dec

DF65 Sat 2nd Oct – Sat 18th Dec   Tue Afternoon 21st Sept – Tue 28th Dec

Classic IOM Afternoon  Fri  1st Oct – Fri 17th Dec 

Cup Events 2021


The Mallard and Amazon Cups are raced for over  two bank holidays, the IOM’s on the Bank Holiday Sundays and the 8m on the Bank Holiday Mondays. This year there will 12 races each day with a break for lunch after 8 have been completed.


IOM Mallard Cup  Sunday 30th May & Sunday 29th August in Poole

8m Amazon Cup  Monday 31st May & Monday 30th August

Trimmer Trophy for Lasers Saturday 6th November 

Whateley cup for Lasers  Wednesday 10th  November

The Robin Edgar Trophy  Thurs 3rd  June, Thurs 1st  July, Thurs 5th August, Thurs 2nd  Sept

Trophy Race DF65 21st August

Consolation Cup For IOM Sunday 21st  November

Consolation cup for 8m  Monday 22nd  November

Consolation Cup for DF65 Saturday 20th November

Scale Trophy

Bob Capon Trophy 28th December @ 10:00hrs 


Scale Days 2021

Monday 31st May, Sunday 13th June, Sunday 25th July, 

Monday 30th August, Sunday 19th September, Sunday 28th November.


Non Racing Days

The period Aug 2nd to Aug 4th is set aside for club maintenance (should it be necessary) and racing will be suspended over these three days. 

There will be no racing on Nov 14th (Remembrance Sunday)

Open Days

The 17th and 18th of July have been set aside for a whole club as a fun and publicity weekend. This will involve racing for all classes, scale events and a try a boat session for passing members of the public.

Open Events Hosted by PRYC

DF65 National Championships 4/5th September

Sunday 3rd October Laser TT  NEW LISTING   

Sunday 30/31st October PRACC A class open event


Social and other Events

AGM Monday 6th December @ 19:30hrs via Zoom and Prize giving.

DF65 Nationals Practice Racing

Non Series Practice Racing will take place on Friday Evenings from Friday 21st May to Friday 27th August 

All DF65 owning club members are invited to take part, however for the purposes of this activity the normal Club sail limits will not apply and the International DF Association rules will be observed ie. 4 rigs from any source.

Lake Draining Programe