Club 2020 Programe 

Covid 19 Pandemic

The program is and will be subject to cancellation and revision as the situation unfolds.

Series dates for 2020

These are subject to change as we do not know, as yet, when the lake will be empty, and as always we may be subject to weed. Lasers are scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday.  IOM for Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.  8m for Monday and Thursday.  All starting at 10.30.


Classic IOM Friday afternoon 1.30 onwards.  IOM’s will also race on Tuesday evenings in the summer from 6.30 onwards.



Laser  Sat 4th  Jan – Sat 28th Mar    Laser Wed 8th Jan – Wed 25th  Mar

8m Thur 2nd Jan – Thur 26th  Mar    8m Mon 6th Jan – Mon 30th Mar

IOM Fri 3rd Jan – Fri 27th Mar      Sun 5th  Jan – Sun 29th  Mar Tue 7th  Jan – Tue31st  Mar         


Laser Wed 1st April – Wed 24th June        Laser Sat 4th  April – Sat 27th June

8m Thur 2nd April – Thur 25th June    8m Mon 6th April – Mon 29th June

IOM Fri 3rd April – Fri 26th June    Sun 5th  April – Sun 28th June    Tue7th  April – Tue 30th June


Laser Wed 1st July – Wed 30th Sept        Laser Sat 4th  July – Sat 26th Sept

8m Thur 2nd  July – Thur24th  Sept     8m Mon 6th July – Mon 28th Sept 

IOM Fri 3rd July – Fri 25th Sept       Sun 5th July – Sun 27th Sept    Tue 7th July – Tue 29th Sept


Laser Sat 3rd Oct – Sat 26th Dec        Laser Wed  7th  Oct – Wed 30th Dec

8m Thur 1st  Oct – Thur 24th  Dec        8m Mon5th Oct –Mon 28th Dec    

IOM Fri 2nd Oct – Fri 18th Dec    Sun 4th  Oct – Sun 27th Dec    Tue 6th Oct – Tue 29th  Dec


Cup events 2020

The Mallard and Amazon Cups are normally raced for over four bank holidays, the IOM’s on the Sundays of the Bank Holiday weekends and the 8m on the Bank Holiday Mondays.  This year there are only 3 Bank holiday Mondays so I have nominated June 15th as the fourth date for 8m and the 10th May for IOM. To try and increase publicity it is proposed to hold these two cup series starting at 10.30, have a coffee break after 4 races,  lunch after 8 races and a further 4 races in the afternoon. As before the mornings 8 races will count towards each series running at that time.

IOM Mallard Cup  12th April, 10th May, 24th May, 30th August

8m Amazon Cup  13th April, 25th May, June 15th, 31st  August

Trimmer Trophy for Lasers Saturday 20th June 

Whateley cup for Lasers  Wednesday 16th September

The Robin Edgar Trophy  Thurs 4th June, Thurs 2nd July, Thurs 6th August, Thurs 3rd September 

Consolation Cup For IOM Sunday 22nd November 

Consolation cup for 8m  Monday 30th November

Bob Capon and Jim Dibley cups for Scale 29th November  

New years day Seasonal decorated boat competition.  Must float but does not need an engine etc.

Scale days 2020

Mon 13th April, Mon 25th May, Sun 14th June, Sun 25th July, Mon 31st Aug, Sunday 20th Sept, Sun 29th Nov inc. Bob Capon Trophy.  The scale section also meets on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

Non Racing Days

VE Day Fri 8th May if it is using the park??

Remembrance Sunday 8th Nov 

15th Dec  Boathouse party

Days when an open event is scheduled.


Open Events Hosted by PRYC

SWD IOM Winter Open  Sunday February 9th

SWD IOM Summer Open  Sunday March 8th

PRAC Sunday November 1st 2020

No club racing on these days


Social and other events

Sept 6th Boat Locker Sale.  Get rid of your unwanted sailing gear.

Sun 13th December AGM and Prize giving.

Tue 15th December Boat house Party December.


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