Racing Classes

6 Racing Classes

The following is a  brief summary of the Yachts you are likely to encounter sailing at Poole Radio Yacht Club.

To learn more please see the detailed class pages on the web site.

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International One Metre

The International One Metre is the most popular of the established International Radio Classes.

Yachts are 1 metre long, weigh 4kg.

The class permits 3 rigs to suit all conditions.

While the class rules restrict sail, spars and keel dimensions they also allow for considerable scope in hull design leading to a developing and progressive class.


Tuesday, Friday & Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Evenings in Summer Months

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RC Laser Class

The RC Laser is based on a one third scale model of the full sized Laser Dinghy


The yachts can have up to 4 rigs and like its full sized sister is a tight one design class.


Often called a "boat in a bag" the RC Laser can be quickly packed into a large slim holdall for easy storage when not being used.


Wednesday & Saturday Mornings

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8 Metre Class

The 8 metre is based on the traditional hull shapes of the full sized metre class boats. 

The hull form is based on a full length but shallow long keel with a rudder pivoting on its trailing edge.

The traditional hull shape enables the 8m to sail in weedy conditions where her sister classes with deep torpedo keels are unable.

The hull are just over a metre long and weigh between 7-7.5kg


Monday & Thursday Mornings

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Classic One Metre Class

So what happens to the older IOM yachts that have been overtaken by new designs in the main fleet?

The answer used to be gather dust and sadness in the boat shed or owners garage.

But not any more, they now become Classics!

The Classic IOM class provides competitive, fun and cost effective racing for refurbished older IOMS.


Friday Afternoons


Dragon Force 65

The Dragon Force 65 is the latest Class at Poole Radio Yacht Club introduced in April 2020.

The DF65 is an International phenomenon that has taken the radio sailing world by storm.

The DF65 is a tight One Design Class that will sail at PRYC under even tighter rules (only 2 rigs from the original manufacturer).

A complete DF65 ready to sail can be delivered in 48hours, takes 2 hours to construct and costs approx £250 ready to sail.

The DF65 is the ideal way to experience Radio Sailing for the first time.


Saturday Afternoon

Tuesday Evenings in the Summer Months.

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Radio A Class

Poole Radio Yacht Club has been a major force in the Radio A Class for decades.

Our Commodore Peter Wiles is former multiple National Champion, builder and sailmaker to the Class.

Sadly the A Class is not sailed on a weekly basis at PRYC but the club sponsors and hosts rounds of the highly prestigious PRACC series.

The A Class is a most graceful yacht almost 2metres in length.

Visitors are urged to visit the Lake when the A Class are racing in the PRACC series, it really is a magnificent spectacle.