Scale Section

There is much more to

Poole Radio Yacht Club

than just Racing

The Scale Section has over thirty members, interests include Nelson period, modern warships, pilot cutters, schooners, Thames barges, tugs and vintage yachts.

Although no IC Powered craft are permitted on the Lake, Steam, Electric and Sail are all welcome

Also Free Sailing ie non radio controlled are also welcome as the lake has all round access.


You will probably find a member of the Scale Section in the Boatshed or by the Lake most days.

But the Scale Section meets more formally on Wednesday, Afternoons and Thursday Evenings.

Additionally there are eight scale days typically five of which are Sundays, the others are Bank Holidays.

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2021 Scale Events

Subject to Covid 19 Developments

Cup Events

Bob Capon Trophy 

28th December 2021  1st Ray Steele - Surfury

                                               2nd Brian Clay - Bristol Pilot Cutter

                                                3rd Mike Pusey - Fairy Swordsman

Scale days 2021

Mon 31st May, Sun 13th June, Sun 25th July, Mon 30th Aug, Sunday 19th Sept, Sun 28th Nov inc. Bob Capon Trophy. 


The scale section also meets on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.