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About Us

Poole Radio Yacht Club was formed in 1950 and continues a tradition of sailing and racing model yachts

in Poole dating back to 1890 when Poole Park was created.

Today we have a progressive and vibrant club with six classes of yachts racing 7 days a week.

Our members have won many National, International and Open Events and taken a major role

in developing Radio Yacht Racing through our national body the MYA.

The Club has a busy scale section with highly skilled members building

a variety of vessels ranging from Traditional Pilot Cutters to RNLI Life boats.

The aim of the Club is to promote the skills, expertise and sportsmanship associated with

sailing, racing and building radio controlled yachts and boats in a pleasant and inclusive environment.

Club History 

PRYC Photo 13.jpg

The history of Poole Radio Yacht Club is inextricably linked with the development of the Sport of Model Racing and the technology that has transformed the sport.

Originally Yachts were raced and navigated by Wind Vane self steering systems, the Skipper was assisted by a crew whose duty was to receive the yacht at the other side of the lake, or with the aid of a long pole tack the yacht upwind from either bank of the walkway.

While Vane Sailing continues Poole Radio Yacht Club moved into Radio Controlled racing in the 1960s and was at the vanguard of the development of Radio Sailing when technology was in its infancy.

The Club Today

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The Club today remains true to its traditions of development and competitive sport.

The Club is busier than ever with racing for

six different classes taking place 7 days a week.

Today's yachts are high tech craft often using exotic construction materials

including epoxy resins, carbon fibre and film sails.

Digital Electronics and powerful winches and servos contribute

to handling and performance of today's racing yachts.

The Future 

The vision that has taken Poole Radio Yacht Club from the

early days of cotton sails and Vane controlled yachts

will be the driving force of the club tomorrow.

The Club has recognised the members need high performance

low cost yachts that can be acquired quickly and inexpensively that

provide a direct entry into the sport of RC Yacht Racing. 

In 2020 the Club adopted the Dragon Force 65 with great success,

in 2022 the Club adopted its younger and larger sister the

Dragon Flite 95 which has developed into a thriving class with 35 members.

PRYC Photo 9.jpg

Poole Radio Yacht Club is not simply a Yacht Racing Club.
The Club offer members the encouragement, facilities and support to develop
model building skills and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a faithful replica of full sized craft.
 The Lake and Club facilities are large enough for both
Scale members and Racing Members to enjoy.

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