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International One Metre


Lintel 2995 3 rigs £650  Price reduction now £475!

 Phill Brigstock 07941 308177


Q9 3239 3rigs £450 Lawrie Draper 07811253372  Sorry no longer available


Wotsit 20  3rigs £250  Sailing sec  07711743192


Assagi 3200 2 rigs needs attention £200  Sailing Sec 07711743192



Assagi 107 2rigs ready to sail £300 Peter Smith  01202 737362



8 Metre

8 Metre
No 58 2rigs new rudder servo supplied   John Wilson 07990 522267



RC Laser

RC Laser No 02

4 rigs and sails £200 ex radio, recent new servo and winch
Includes stand and sail bag.  Peter Lewin 07711743192


RC Laser No 385

needs new rudder push rods, 4 rigs, two keels £200 Includes sail bag.

Sailing Sec 07711743192   Just sold


RC Laser

Laser GBR 1015, 4 rigs/sails, sail container, blue bag, RX/TX - 
lightly used and in good condition. £375.00 
Contact Andy Cherrett  tel 07498855592  Sorry now sold and in Wales!

RC Laser No 900

2rigs bag etc. Includes stand and blue bag £350  Price reduction now £275!

Phill Brigstock 07941308177

RC Laser No 982

3rigs + storm sail Includes blue bag £400 Lawrie Draper 07811253372 Sold



Fairy Huntsman 48”

long  with brushless motor, speed controller and rudder servo.  Radiolink 2.4 receiver.

Single prop conversion but retains twin rudders. No batteries.  £100.00 

Call: Peter Lewin 077117743192

Sea Trojan Tug

Large scale well detailed model with sound and light modules.  No batteries or radio gear on wheeled stand.  Electric motor needs freeing off and is missing its propeller. £150.00  Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

Small 3 pointer racing boat

With speed controller, receiver and brushless motor no battery.  Needs some attention. £20.00

Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

Lagato small tug of great character. 

No radio gear only a drive motor.  In “seascape” stand. £10.00 

Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

Air boat in need of work!


Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

Radio & Equipment

Radio Link 2.4 transmitter and two receivers £60.00  

Further 3 receivers available by negotiation

Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

As new Graupner 2.4 transmitter and 1 receiver with charger £70.00

Call: Peter Lewin 07711743192

Charger/balancer for Lipo’s and most other battery types.

Operates off 12volts but heavy duty 240volt power pack included  £65.00

Call:  Peter Lewin 07711743192

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