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Poole Radio Yacht Club (PRYC)

Save the date - Club Regatta - Sunday, September 29

More details to follow soon.

Summer Club Racing Schedule
Sunday 10:30 International One Metre Racing
Sunday 14:00 Dragon Flite 95 Racing
Monday 10:30 8 Metre Racing
Tuesday 10:30 International One Metre Racing
Tuesday 18:30 Dragon Force 65 Racing

Wednesday 10:30 RC Laser Racing
Thursday 10:30 8 Metre Racing
Thursday 18:30 Dragon Flite 95 Racing

Friday 10:30 International One Metre Racing
Friday 14:00 Classic IOM Racing
Saturday 10:30 RC Laser Racing
Saturday 14:00 Dragon Force 65 Racing

MYA Standard Sailing Instructions
Local sailing rules - appendix to SSIs


The Club continues a tradition of model Yacht Racing in Poole Park dating back to 1890.

Poole Radio Yacht Club was formed in 1950 and is one of oldest model yacht clubs in the country.

The Club actively promotes the sport of Radio Yacht Sailing, construction

and competitive racing within the spirit of friendly and fun competition.

The Club warmly welcomes new members (experienced skippers and beginners)

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